A very famous Canadian physician Sir William Ostler once wrote, “Never treat a stranger.” Therefore, at Avue Cosmetic Dentistry, we developed a consistent and standardized protocol to collect new patient data during the first initial exam.

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A patient’s medical history, dental history, chief complaints, obtaining radiographs, and intraoral images will be collected by our wonderful administrative assistants and dental assistants.  Dr. Trent Nguyen will critically analyze and evaluate this data and perform the clinical examination (intra and extra oral exam including an oral cancer screening).  At the end of the exam, Dr. Nguyen will make the best treatment plan customized to each patient’s oral health condition. The patient will have time to review the treatment plan and discuss any questions and concerns regarding their oral health with Dr. Nguyen.  


Here is the breakdown of the new patient exam:

When a new patient walks into Avue Cosmetic Dentistry office, our office manager, receptionist and dental assistants will be the first direct contacts.

The patient will fill out the New Patient Registration form. This form will allow our dental team gathering enough information about the patient medical history, dental history, and chief complains to prepare the patient for the clinical phase and diagnostic stage.

The office manager and/or administrative assistants will:

  • Review the “New Patient Registration” form to ensure that it’s been completed correctly or if the patient has any difficulties filling out the form
  • The form will then be scanned to the patient’s electronic chart.
  • Review privacy forms and HIPAA regulation with the patient for acceptance and signature
  • Collect and record dental insurance information and driver’s license

The dental assistants will assist both Dr. Nguyen and the dental hygienist in the clinical phase of the information gathering process through the following tasks:

  • Review the completed medical/dental history forms
  • Ask the patient’s chief complaints and start an open dialogue to gather more information about the patient’s general health and previous dental care history
  • Record medical alerts and take vital signs such as blood pressures and pulse
  • Obtain prescribed dental radiographs such as panoramic radiographs, bitewings, periapical, occlusal radiographs, and intraoral images
  • Briefly present the patient’s medical/dental history and chief complains to Dr. Nguyen
  • Record findings from the intraoral and extraoral examinations as Dr. Nguyen dictates findings

Dr. Nguyen will make a customized treatment plan and ensure that the patient completely understands their current oral health condition.

The office manager or administrative assistant will discuss insurance/financial questions with the patient.

The patient signs their treatment plan and same-day treatment will be started.

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