If your child plays a lot of sports, chances are that you’ve given them sports drinks to keep hydrated. But could those drinks be doing more harm than good? In this blog post, our family dentist will not only explore the dangers of sugary sports drinks, but also provide some alternatives for keeping your child hydrated.

In a recent Cardiff University School of Dentistry survey, it was concluded that many 12-14 year olds are consuming sports drinks far too regularly. About half of the children involved in the study claimed to consume sports drinks socially, while an alarming number of parents were unaware of the potential health risks of sports drinks.

Dr. Paul D. Jackson of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine was quoted in the study as saying that “sports drinks are intended for athletes taking part in endurance and intense sporting events. They are also connected with tooth decay in athletes.”

Sports Drink Alternatives

Not only do sports drinks wreak havoc on our teeth, but they can also lead to obesity and other health issues. So what should your child be drinking instead when they play sports? Our family dentist recommends that kids stick to water and milk as much as possible. Along with sugary juices, sports drinks can cause tooth decay and cavities.

Keep in mind that sports drinks are meant to replace electrolytes when lost in intense physical activity. If you are concerned that your child needs more than the basic hydration that pure water provides, we advise that you speak with our dentist during their next visit.

Preventative Dental Care in Plano

At Avue Cosmetic Dentistry, we do so much more than just fill cavities and pull teeth. We understand that a healthy mouth plays a huge role in having a healthy body. That’s why we emphasize the importance of regular dental care for the whole family.

Our dental office offers a friendly, fun, and stress-free environment. For example, we can equip patients with complementary laughing gas to help you feel at ease. When it comes to younger patients, Dr. Trent Nguyen understands the dental anxiety that kids may feel, which is why parents are welcome to be in the treatment room.

Why Choose Our Family Dentist?

Our staff realizes that prospective patients have a variety of options when it comes to choosing the right dentist. So what exactly makes Avue Cosmetic Dentistry so different? Here are just a few things that current patients have pointed out with regard to our dentist office:

  • Highest quality of dental care – Dr. Nguyen is backed with years of experience, along with a knowledgeable staff and the most up-to-date dental technology.
  • Patient education – It’s one thing to perform routine cleanings on a patient’s teeth, but it’s another to provide them with oral hygiene tips and reasons for maintaining regular brushing/flossing habits. We always go the extra mile in helping our patients achieve strong, beautiful teeth for a lifetime.
  • Multiple treatment options – Our family dentist will never force a treatment on any patient. Since we value a patient’s autonomy, we will offer optimal and alternative treatment options for patients.

From emergency dental care to family dental care, see the difference of Avue Cosmetic Dentistry. Call us today.